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Dr Inabnet is interviewed by the Daily News on the prevalence and work up of adrenal nodules


THE SPECIALIST: Dr. William Inabnet

A professor of surgery at Mount Sinai, Dr. William Inabnet is an endocrine and metabolic surgeon who who has been in the field for 15 years. Through the Adrenal Center, he oversees the care of more than 400 patients with adrenal nodules a year.

Whether rooting for your favorite team or simply running late for a meeting, adrenaline is part of daily life for most Americans — but that doesn’t mean we spend much time thinking about where it comes from.

“Located above the kidneys, the adrenal glands produce a series of hormones that influence blood pressure control, electrolyte balance and stress response, including adrenaline — functions essential for life,” says Inabnet. “When nodules form on the adrenal glands, most of them require no treatment — but every nodule warrants a workup to rule out something more serious, including adrenal cancer.”

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