Your Appointment

Please follow the steps below to set-up your appointment with a provider at the Mount Sinai Adrenal Center. Adhering to these simple steps will assure that your visit to our program is well coordinated and as efficient as possible (we respect your time!).

Step 1:

Call to schedule your appointment. If you are unsure who to see, please view our Adrenal Center Provider page or contact one of the following providers:

Step 2:

Contact your referring MD to have your pertinent records sent/faxed to your Mount Sinai Adrenal Center Provider. Some of the studies listed below may not have been performed prior to your consultation. We will coordinate the remaining necessary studies during your visit.

The records that we need are:

  • Adrenal lab reports (including blood and urine studies)
  • Consultation notes
  • Imaging reports and films (MRI, CT scan, PET scan, MIBG, etc)

If at all possible, please send us your records and films in advance of your visit so that your visit can be efficiently coordinated. Some patients will need additional imaging to complete their treatment plan. In many cases, these studies can take place the same day of your visit to the Adrenal Center, but only if we receive your records in advance of your consultation.