2015 – Patient with hyperaldosteronism travels to Mount Sinai from the Southeast for a 2nd opinion

My wife was the patient, but she feels it is appropriate for me, as an internist and rheumatologist who has been practicing for more than 40 years, to write a note about our experience with Dr. Inabnet and the Mount Sinai Adrenal Center. When it became apparent that her problems (an adrenal tumor with features of Conn’s Syndrome in a 70-year-old lady) required a level of experience and expertise not available anywhere near us, I submitted her information to Dr. Inabnet. (Incidentally, if anyone thinks expertise in this field is available at their local hospital, they should find out how many bilateral adrenal vein samplings are done there every year.) From the first contact with Denise, who scheduled and arranged my wife’s evaluation, through our last conversation with Dr. Inabnet, when her results were discussed and treatment recommendations were made, I knew, both intellectually as an internist and emotionally as a worried husband of 43 years whose wife was not doing well, that we were in good hands. We did not get the answer we had hoped for—i.e. a surgical cure—but we got the correct answer and the right treatment. The obvious competence of this team was important, of course, but what really blew us away was their ability to get things done with good grace even though we arrived in New York a day late in the middle of a blizzard after 10 cancelled flights. These folks reminded me, and our story reminded my staff, that it is our privilege and duty as a medical office to help people through often difficult circumstances, with compassion and good cheer, not just to give them the right advice.