2016 – Parents grateful for son’s care at the Mount Sinai Adrenal Center

Year of procedure/evaluation: Janet DiMichele

At 8:30 pm on Monday, March 7, 2016, I found myself in the Emergency Room with our 28 yr. old son who was having symptoms that, as a nurse, deeply concerned me. After that night and following hospitalization, extensive testing was done that revealed he had an Adrenal adenoma, which resulted in symptoms consistent with Conn's Syndrome. Needless to say we were worried even though we were assured that although not seen frequently in his age group, they are not uncommon and the treatment/cure is surgery. We then did some research and learned about Mt. Sinai Hospital's Adrenal Center and contacted them. They returned our call quickly and scheduled an appointment for us. Our son was see Dr. Hyunsuk Suh the following week. As any parent knows, it matters not the age of your children; the apprehension can be overwhelming when they are diagnosed with an unusual health issue, but I can truthfully say that when we met with Dr. Suh, we immediately felt that our son was in the right place, but moreover, in the right hands. Dr. Suh explained to him in detail about the adrenal tumor, what additional specific testing would be needed, and what the expected outcome would be. In his case, surgery would be performed robotically, in which Dr. Suh has extensive experience. From the time of the initial diagnosis to the actual surgery which took place on May 18, 2016, we crossed paths with many people. Our experiences, whether they were quick phone calls or more lengthy interactions with the office nurses or the hospital and surgical staff at Mt. Sinai, we can truly say that everyone was incredibly helpful and showed sincere concern. Those qualities are so important, but what impressed us the most was what we saw for ourselves...the degree of knowledgeability and level of expertise at The Adrenal Center, and that is where we drew our comfort. It has now been eight weeks since our son's surgery. He has seen Dr. Suh for a postoperative follow-up and we're grateful to say that he has fully recovered; his Lab tests and BP are all back to normal, and he's feeling great. In fact, he was out kayaking yesterday! From start to finish, our family's experience could not have been smoother. Thanks go to all those who were key in helping our son get back to good health; Dr. Inabnet lll, who helped navigate us early on; Dr. Patel and his team who performed the specific AVS testing; Lori RN, professional and always upbeat in the office; and Dawn, who relayed our important information; and to the many more who saw us through! But, we are truly most thankful to Dr. Hyunsuk Suh, who performed the surgery. His skill is what made all the difference in one young man's life........Thank you, once again.