Adrenal surgery by Dr. Suh and his Sinai team

Year of procedure/evaluation: HE JIAO LIU

I had Conn's syndrome and was referred to Dr. Hyunsuk Suh for the kidney surgery. The surgery removed the adrenal gland neoplasm for me which is causing me having high blood pressure. The procedure for the entire surgery was very clear. During the date of surgery, I was taken care by the nurse to make sure I am good for the surgery. And the surgery took about 3 hours, and everything is done. After the surgery, you will feel pain during the first few hours, I am able to leave the hospital after 1-night observation. And I also able to walk slowly at that time. I don't need to have any medicine before I have the surgery anymore, I already get rid of them. 3 days later, I was able to walk almost as usual and don't feel pain about 5 days after. Dr. Suh and his team are very helpful and professional before, during and after the surgery. He explains everything that is going to do next so you know what is going on to minimize your nervous. Two weeks later I have a post-operation visit with Dr.Suh to discuss the pathology of the adrenal gland neoplasm which was removed from my left kidney and was told that was a benign tumor. So now, after 20 days of the surgery, I can perform the daily job as normal and even better than before, because I don't need any medicine now. If you have the similar case as me, no worries, just listen to the doctor and everything will be fine. Thank Dr. Suh and his great team again. I very appreciate it.