2011 -Patient with pheochromocytoma is very grateful for expert care at Mount Sinai

I am writing this letter to tell people about Dr. Inabnet, and his staff also known as the dream team. My previous specialist Dr. T referred me to Dr. Inabnet. Dr. T advised me that he is the best in his field. I soon found out how accurate that statement was. I was being treated for a condition call pheochromocytomas. I have not stayed in the hospital since 1982 when I gave birth to my daughter, so you can imagine how I felt. I was scared, nervous, and confused, but after the first meeting with Dr. Inabnet OMG all my fears went away. I felt so relaxed with him. He assured me that everything was going to be fine and, that was the true....I'm living proof. Dr. Inabnet and his team are WONDERFUL even down to the staff at the front desk.