Robotic adrenal surgery by Dr. Suh

Year of procedure/evaluation: Minimally Invasive Robotic adrenal surgery by Dr. Suh

Dr. Hyun Suh is a world class surgeon. i had a adrenal tumor on my right kidney, and, he removed it successfully through four small incisions. Dr. Suh is compassionate, caring and always available for questions. He operated on me on a day he usually does not operate. He assured me from my first visit what to expect, and showed the robot he would use to do the operation. He truly is a master at his craftsmanship. Rest assured that you will receive the best of care. I rate him a million plus. Thank you Dr.suk for all you have done for me and my family. You are the Michael Jordan of surgeons. God Bless you for everything you have done to restore me to being whole.